Poundcake Party Parfaits

Hip hip HOORAY and thank you so much, my friends! Your support means the world to me, and the cherry on top for me has been making fabulous friends who continue to show up and inspire me and shower my culinary creations with love! I'm celebrating 1,000 followers over here at fast.fresh.fabulous with these pretty on the plate melt-in-your-mouth marvelous Poundcake Party Parfaits. These little beauties are a snap to pull together and the perfect way to celebrate upcoming special occasions this summer. Whip up my White Chocolate Mousse and pipe it over Sara Lee Poundcake heart cut outs and top with a cherry. YUM o! Have the very best day, and thanks again for following along. Stay tuned @https.// for more big salad love and delectable desserts.

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Mini Charcuterie Boards

And now...some of the cutest little charcuterie boards you ever did see~ just in time for summer noshing and sipping season, my friends! Sharing my how tos on rolling up salami rosettes, stirring up some sweet and spicy cashews and whisking together some dill dip to serve with crudites. Happy summer entertaining to you!


Lemon Ribbon Layered Ice Cream Tartlets

Many of my fondest birthday memories as a child are of my beautiful mom making me a luscious Lemon Ribbon Layered Ice Cream Pie adorned with colorful sprinkles, and I thought you all might enjoy my riff on the recipe for spring and summer entertaining. All of the graham cracker crust + vanilla ice cream + fresh lemon filling deliciousness layered up in a Norpro 12 mini cheesecake pan with removable bottoms you push up to effortlessly release these two-bite wonders (though it's frozen ice cream so, it's more like three or four bites with a fork). Yum o!

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Scampi Brochettes Salad

Can't stop making (and eating!) this Scampi Brochettes Salad inspired by the lovely dinner we enjoyed at Le Chalet Grill in Brussels, Belgium on our European vacation...aww, such fond memories. I could hardly wait to get back into the kitchen upon arriving home sweet home to try replicating them. Presenting this impressive all-in-one entree salad is as easy as blending the hollandaise and lightly dressing the butter lettuce while the scampi brochettes are grilling. Hope you enjoy this one as much as I have. I've been making it on repeat since we got home!


Superfood Smoothie

With thanks to My Favorite Big Brother who recently shared his morning superfood smoothie recipe with me comes this week's featured fast.fresh.fabulous Superfood Smoothie...chock full of nutritional goodness~ coconut water, collagen peptides, cordyceps mushroom mycelium powder, Kachava protein powder, Lion's Mane mushroom mycelium powder and antioxidant blend frozen fruit (strawberries, dark sweet cherries, pomegranate, blueberries & raspberries). So good and good for you!

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