Thai Coconut Curry Chicken Meatballs

There's so much to love about these Thai Coconut Curry Chicken Meatballs! Mix up the chicken meatball mixture ahead of time and stir together the Thai Coconut Curry Sauce in an instant. And then scoop and bake the meatballs for a mere 15 minutes while you heat up the sauce and gather an array of favorite accompaniments (noodles, edamame, red pepper strips, baby corn, what else?), assemble, sauce and enjoy!

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Dark Chocolate Daisy Dirt Cups to Love!

These Dark Chocolate Daisy Dirt Cups to Love belong on your special occasion dessert list for spring and summer occasions. Requiring only five ingredients and a little prepping ahead, you'll be making and enjoying these darling decadent little dirt cups on repeat, my friends!


Sensational Spring Salad

Sure had fun creating this Sensational Spring Salad~ love, love, love how the creaminess of the avocado + the crunch of the romaine + the sweetness of the strawberry + the tang of the mango + the bright citrusy lemon poppyseed dressing work together and sing of s p r i n g !

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Tableside Guacamole at Home

This go-to guacamole will be a great master recipe to save and customize by adding your favorite toppings~ pomegranates, pepitas, diced fajita peppers, what else sounds good to you? How fun would it be to get ingredients prepped and on a cart to prepare tableside at your next fiesta with friends and family?


Carrot Cake Surprise Cupcakes

Surprise! As if cream cheese frosted carrot cake cupcakes weren't enough, there's cream cheese filling deliciousness waiting you for you once you cut into these Carrot Cake Surprise Cupcakes. These decadent desserts are a definite eat-with-a-fork party in your mouth delight. Enjoy!

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