Seared Tenderloin atop Smashed Baby Reds with Shallot-Laced Sauteed Mushrooms, Roquefort and Blender Bearnaise

What's to LOVE about this week's featured fast.fresh.fabulous recipe~ Seared Tenderloin atop Smashed Baby Reds with Shallot-Laced Sauteed Mushrooms drizzled with Blender Bearnaise?! Where do I start? ~The fact that almost all components can be prepped ahead and popped in the fridge, then rewarmed just before assembling and serving. ~ The elegant presentation of an all in one meat-and-potato entree served in a stemmed martini glass. ~ The velvety smooth deliciousness of Blender Bearnaise being drizzled over it all! I could go on and on... SAVE this one and plan to impress your special someone for a Valentine's Day dinner soon.

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Bittersweet Chocolate Dipped Strawberries

These THREE ingredient BITTERSWEET CHOCOLATE DIPPED STRAWBERRIES are just in time for Valentine's Day, my friends! Save this recipe now...you'll be glad you did once Valentine's Day is upon us in a few weeks. Let's GO!


Jacques Pepin's Apple Fritters

Let’s make Jacques Pepin’s Apple Fritters, my friends❣️Throwing it back to 2012 when my mom and I got to go to Aspen Food & Wine and watch Jacques Pepin whip up these super simple beer battered apple fritters. What a sweet memory.‍ What I love most about this recipe is, well…everything!

I'm Sydne

Bananas Foster Flambé

Breaking down the BANANAS FOSTER FLAMBE, one super simple step at a time, my friends. It really is a SNAP!


Italian Chopped Salad

Chop Chop!! Excited to be back in the kitchen after the hubbub of the holidays sharing this satisfying Italian Chopped Salad with you! Fast, fresh and fabulous, for sure.

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