Figalicious Bites


These FIGALICIOUS bites, though. Yum-o! Fig spread atop your favorite sturdy cracker with a bit of goat cheese and some candied bacon make for the most festive party in your mouth.

Wishing you a wonderful Christmas, my friends, filled with all of your favorite people, traditions and delicious foods!

Figalicious Bites

Does the candied bacon look like a sleigh to you?! These FIGALICIOUS BITES are so festive and fun, and a fabulous party in your mouth. No cooking required! Let's GO!



  • fig spread
  • goat cheese
  • candied bacon
  • your favorite sturdy crackers


  1. Spread fig spread over the crackers.
  2. Top with a crumble of goat cheese.
  3. Arrange a candied bacon bit on top.


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